Phosphate leak in model with PPP.

<p>Time course simulation of model B, in which the reactions of the glycosomal PPP are switched on at <i>t</i> = 0 by increasing their V<sub>max</sub> value from zero to the value given in <a href="" target="_blank">Table S1</a>. Glc<sub>e</sub> is 5 mM and <i>k<sub>TOX</sub></i> = 2 µl·min<sup>−1</sup>·mg protein<sup>−1</sup>. Solid lines indicate medians, shaded areas show interquartile ranges. Fluxes (J) are plotted on the left y-axis and are indicative of glucose uptake (GlcT<sub>plasma membrane</sub>), glycerol (GK) and pyruvate production (PyrT) and the two branches of pentose phosphate pathways (G6PDH<sub>c/g</sub>). The sum of bound phosphates in the glycosome (ΣP<sub>g</sub>), as exists in the model of glycolysis (<a href="" target="_blank">Table 2</a>, moiety 5), is plotted on the right y-axis. Within 25 minutes, all bound phosphates within the glycosome are depleted and all metabolic fluxes subsequently drop to zero.</p>




CC BY 4.0