Peus splendidus Konow, 1907, lectotype

2014-04-16T03:22:04Z (GMT) by Andreas Taeger

Peus splendidus Konow, 1907
A valid species, Tenthredo (Metallopeus) splendida (Konow, 1907).
Peus splendidus Konow, 1907b: 168–169. Syntypes ♀, “Sikkim”. Lectotype ♀ (MNCN_Ent 100254, MNCN Cat. Tipos Nº 8148). Type locality: India, Sikkim. [Paralectotypes: 2 ♀, NHRS (,, 1 ♀ SDEI (, all “Sikkim”.]

Complete views, details, and labels of this specimen.
Photos were taken at the MNCN with a Leica DFC 420C digital camera attached to a M80 compound microscope. Composite images with an extended depth of field were created from stacks of images using the software CombineZ5.3, and finally arranged and partly enhanced with Ulead PhotoImpact X3.
The work at the Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales, Madrid was supported by the European Union-funded Integrated Activities grant SYNTHESYS (ES-TAF-1847).

Konow, F.W. (1907b) Neue Chalastogastra aus den naturhist. Museen in Hamburg und Madrid. Zeitschrift für systematische Hymenopterologie und Dipterologie, 7(2), 161–174.