Performance of external vertical panel design in Light Steel Framing composed of Mineralized Wood Board

<p></p><p>Abstract The current design of vertical sealing panels must attend the stated performance normative requirements and industrialized panels may offer some advantage to meet these requirements: they must bestandardized, able to be fastly executed and need to present flexibility in the materials’ choice of their composition. This way, they constitute an alternative for internal and external vertical sealing system (IEVS), presenting high potential to meet standards of performance levels. This article aimed to determine the structural performance level of a vertical sealing panel structured by Light Steel Framing, composed externally of mineralized wood board and internally of gypsum board. Hard/ soft body impacts and loading suspended parts were carried out on three specimens of the panel researched. The results indicated the attendance at the user requirements, following the normal use of the building in accordance with the Brazilian performance code, reaching the Minimum Performance Level. It was possible to prove, by performance analysis, the application potential of the IEVS researched for buildings use.</p><p></p>