Pedagogical coordinators and diversity: between training courses and practices at elementary school

<p></p><p>ABSTRACT This article presents practices that form the base of pedagogical coordinators’ formation and activities. The subjects work in five schools in the outskirts of Belém (Pará, Brazil), and try to imbed their methods on the new national curriculum guidelines for elementary teachers’ initial and ongoing formation, of July 1st, 2015. We intend to analyze how these professionals’ formation favors (or does not) teaching practices attentive to “the meanings of diversity and inequality”. We will analyze educational processes and teaching praxes of pedagogical coordinators who work at public primary and secondary schools, because we understand that pedagogical technicians grounded in theoretical and methodological procedures are crucial to the conduction of educational labor at school, since those professionals are among the ones who deal with the definition of internal educational policies. Through written and oral documents, conclusions suggest that the mismatch between formation for an ideal school and the meager knowledge of contextual relations of inequality structurally affects pedagogical practices.</p><p></p>