Paul Bogard, ed. Let There Be Night. Reno, Nevada: University of Nevada Press, 2008. [Book Review]

2017-05-22T04:11:04Z (GMT) by Geoff Berry
Fascinated as I am by NASA photos of the planet at night, which reveal stark and beautiful cities of light at the centres of settlement civilization, I wanted to find out what this book had to say about the symbolic values of the darkness expunged by the material fact of electronically fuelled light pollution. As the title suggests, the writers collected in this volume give voice to the subtle, sometimes intangible things we lose when we turn away from the darkness of the night to reside within the ubiquitous urban glow of modernity. They question the symbolic component of all this burning, so bright it lights up the planet at night, while celebrating the values and qualities attributable to the darkness we witness away from city lights – under the stars, in the countryside – and the way they can enrich the life of any person comfortable with being extended in this way.