Parameterized VAWT Wake Model

2019-08-20T19:00:39Z (GMT) by Eric Tingey Andrew Ning
This folder contains all of the wake data, CFD models, and completed simulations used in the paper: Parameterized Vertical-Axis Wind Turbine Wake Model Using CFD Vorticity Data (included in this folder). Descriptions of each of the items are as follows:

The .csv files of all of the vorticity and velocity data obtained from the lateral cuts made. Included is a .txt file describing the naming system and a .csv file containing the lengths used for obtaining the lateral cuts (i.e., length reported (m) divided by (30*i) indicates the distances downstream each cut (i) was made at).

Files are ordered by:


w#: indicates windspeed in m/s

s#: indicates solidity

t#: indicates tip-speed ratio multiplied by 100, for example: 250 = 2.5

The files that begin with "ConstDia_" follow the same naming convention for solidity and tip-speed ratio, but are all run at a wind speed of 15 m/s and the data is divided into 30 segments at consecutive diameter distances (1D, 2D, 3D, ... 30D).

This file contains the SolidWorks part files and the parasolid (*.x_t) files used for the CFD simulations. Base files of the CFD simulations are also included along with 2D meshed versions ready to run for each solidity (s1: 0.15, s2: 0.25, s3: 0.5, s4: 0.75, s5:, 1.0). The java macro files can be used in STAR-CCM+ to mesh and run the files by specifying each of the parameters desired near the beginning ( and

Also included is the same CFD data used to model the PIV validation study using the specifications in the paper from:

Tescione, G., Ragni, D., He, C., Ferreira, C. S., and van Bussel, G., “Near wake flow analysis of a vertical axis wind turbine by stereoscopic particle image velocimetry,” Renewable Energy, Vol. 70, 2014, pp. 47-61.

These files include the base file (VAWT0018piv_base.sim), a 2D meshed file (VAWT0018piv_meshed2D.sim), a completed time-averaged file (VAWT0018piv_ta.sim), and the java files to mesh and run the simulation similar to as above ( and

The completed 2D CFD simulations of a 3-bladed VAWT used for the initial parameterized wake model. The simulations were run at wind speeds of 12, 14, 15, and 16 m/s, and varying tip-speed ratios and solidities using STAR-CCM+. Each of the files are in a separate zip file ( with the wind speed and rotation speeds indicated. The naming conventions are similar to the CFD vorticity data with the differences of "ta" standing for time averaged.

To reference this data, use the reference of the paper in the folder (