(Instrument) MOOC Design Audit Tool (draft)

2017-01-18T15:49:29Z (GMT) by Colin Milligan Allison Littlejohn
<p>This instrument is designed to audit MOOC courses to assess their support for SRL.</p> <p>THIS IS A DRAFT INSTRUMENT. IF YOU USE IT, (and perhaps more important, if you decide not to use it) PLEASE SEND FEEDBACK. THANK YOU. </p> <p> </p> <p>Self-Regulated Learning behaviour in an individual is dependent not just on the learner, but on the environment in which they are learning. Developing an understanding of the pedagogical features of the learning environment complements the qualitative and quantitative data collected from learners. This instrument is designed to aid collection of this information and is structured as a set of questions for the design team of a MOOC (learning designers, strategic lead, technology designer) focused on the key phases and sub-processes of SRL (Zimmerman, 2000). Ideally, it would be administered by an independent researcher (get in touch and we can work with you) or it can also be self-administered by the course team (but please share the results back to the PL-MOOC team). The instrument is still in draft form, so please email comments or suggestions for improvement to <strong>colin.milligan@gcu.ac.uk</strong></p>