PID Information Types will leverage Interoperability between PID systems

2016-11-11T10:59:09Z (GMT) by Ulrich Schwardmann
Metadata together with PIDs becomes the most important driver for research data reuse and sharing on one hand and for parametrization of data management workflows on the other hand. Whereus findability is improved by a rich and deeply structured metadata set, parametrization of worklows especially with many data sets needs simpler and much faster accessible metadata for efficiency reasons. Furthermore communities have often their own demands on valuable metadata from the scientific point of view as well as for instance for access regulation on recent generated research data. This often does not fit into predefined schemas and rises the need for community specific policies. All this can be covered by utilizing the database behind the Handle PID system to maintain so called PID information types (PIT), and aggregate them into community specific lists of mandatory and optional properties. The proposed talk will describe, how such PID Information Types can be defined in data type registries together with automatically generated schemas and how PIDs can be enriched with such type instances, and eventually how this can substantially improve the interoperability and richness of metadata between PID systems as well as the trustworthyness in the data policies of research data repositories.



CC BY 4.0