Oxidatively rearranged cycloartane triterpenoids from the seeds of <i>Pseudolarix amabilis</i>

<p>One novel and eight known oxidatively rearranged cycloartane triterpenoids were isolated from the seeds of <i>Pseudolarix amabilis</i>. The structure of the new isolate was elucidated on extensive spectroscopic analyses. Results indicated that pseudolarolide Q (<b>4</b>) exhibited strong antimicrobial activity against <i>Gram</i>-<i>positive Staphylococcus aureus</i> and <i>Candida albicans</i> at the MICs of 6.08 and 24.32 μM, respectively. Pseudolarolide I (<b>2</b>) showed the 11β-HSD1 inhibitory property at the IC<sub>50</sub> value of 34.5 nM.</p>