Overweight and obesity are not associated to high blood pressure in young people sport practitioners

<p></p><p>Abstract The aim of this study was to analyze the association between overweight and obesity with high blood pressure (HBP) according to sports practice in young people. Took part in this study 636 young people aged 10 to 17 years of Londrina, Parana State, Brazil. Sex, age, parental education, sedentary behavior, sports practice, nutritional status and blood pressure were analysed. Poisson regression was used to estimate the prevalence ratio (PR) and 95% confidence intervals. Overweight and obesity young people showed higher prevalence of HBP compared to eutrophics when analysed the total sample (25,7 e 29,5 vs 15,2%) and non sport practitioners (29,7 e 33,3 vs 15,1%), which did not occur with sports practitioners (17,1 e 18,2 vs 15,5%). Positive associations were found between overweight and obesity with HBP in total sample (PR = 1,60, 1,02-2,52 and 1,93, 1,15-3,25) and on non sport practitioners (RP = 1,80, 1,05-3,14 and 2,15, 1,10-4,16). For young people sports practitioners were not found associations between overweight and obesity with HBP (PR = 1,01, 0,36-2,82 and 1,09, 0,48-2,48). Weight excess was not associated with HBP in young people sports practitioners, suggesting cardiovascular protection in young people with overweight and obesity.</p><p></p>