Origin of leaf samples and experimental design of the "phytometer" plot.

[A] shows a map of Germany with the origin of the phytometer trees ("p"-labelled circle, Baumschule Hans Reinke GmbH in Rellingen near Hamburg, Germany) and the location of the major investigation area ("i"-labelled circle, Marktschellenberg, Bavaria, Germany). [B] Leaves of naturally grown trees were sampled in two locations at different altitudes of the investigation area ("v"-labelled valley site and "m"-labelled mountain site). This image of the Untersberg has been released by its author TomK32 into the public domain of German Wikipedia (https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Untersberg-Westseite_von_Bischofswiesen_aus.jpg, last accessed 04/2016). The phytometer sites were established there, too. [C and D] The phytometer trees were planted in each altitude and two data logger modules (d1 and d2) were installed.