Optoelectronic Devices based on Low-dimensional Optical Materials

2018-07-04T04:37:20Z (GMT) by JIALU ZHENG
This thesis is mainly focused on the preparation of low-dimensional optical materials and fabrication of high performance optoelectronic devices including photodetectors, optical waveguides and optical modulators. There are three main sub-projects. In the first project, photodetectors based on lateral transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDs) heterostructure were fabricated and increased photoresponsivity and work area compared with previous work have been demonstrated. In the second project, highly flexible and durable photodetectors based on hybrid material consisting of carbon nanotube film and perovskite quantum dots were fabricated. In the third project, single-crystalline perovskite was restructured into active waveguides with low propagation loss and waveguide modulator with large light intensity modulation.