Open letter to The Independent - Pilots 'very likely' to misjudge flying conditions due to irrational decisions, revisited

2017-01-04T00:46:53Z (GMT) by J Perezgonzalez
Staufenberg’s news article (2016) comments on research reported by Walmsley and Gilbey (2016). An interview with the corresponding author also yielded extra information, especially the verbalization that practically all pilots fell prey to cognitive biases and the hint that pilots were making irrational decisions.In reality, Walmsley and Gilbey’s own results do not support much of the conclusions posed. I have further expanded on information which is specific to Staufenberg’s news article, especially information about minima meteorological conditions for visual flight rules (VFR) flying in the UK, as well as a breakdown of the percentage of pilots in Walmsley and Gilbey’s study which contradicts the information provided.