OpenFOAM computational workflow for atmospheric sciences

2017-12-30T13:37:41Z (GMT) by James Shaw
Our research group writes atmospheric model code using OpenFOAM, an open source computational fluid dynamics C++ library. Amazon web services form a key part of our computational workflow: atmospheric simulations run on EC2 virtual machines inside Singularity containers, and results are uploaded automatically to S3 storage. A code commit to GitHub triggers a build that compiles, tests, and deploys Debian packages to a web repository backed by S3 storage. This way, code updates are distributed to atmospheric modellers by the standard system update process.<div><br></div><div>We're interested to learn from other groups about their computational workflows. How can work be scheduled across a cluster of cloud compute nodes? Can compute nodes be started and stopped dynamically? And how do we grow interest and support amongst researchers to create better, automated computational workflows?</div>