Oomycetes (Oomycota) from Maranhão State, Brazil1

ABSTRACT This study aimed at enhancing the knowledge on the diversity and distribution of Oomycetes within Parque Natural Municipal Lagoa do Sambico, in Timon municipality, Maranhão State, Brazil as well as their geographical distribution in Brazil as a whole. Of the 98 isolates, 16 were identified as Oomycetes, which belong to six families: Achlyaceae, Leptolegniellaceae s. lat., Pythiaceae s. lat., Olpidiopsidaceae s. lat., Saprolegniaceae s. str. and Verrucalvaceae. We report herewith the first records of Olpidiopsis aphanomycis Cornu and Saprolegnia luxurians (Bhargava & G.C. Srivast) R.L. Seym. for Brazil, as well as Achlya aff. diffusa J.V. Harv. ex T.W. Johnson, Achlya proliferoides Coker, Aphanomyces helicoides Minden, Aplanopsis terrestris Höhnk, Dictyuchus monosporus Leitg., Globisporangium proliferum (Cornu) P.M. Kirk, and Pythiogeton uniforme A. Lund for the State of Maranhão.