Online publication and collaborative exploratory visual analysis of surveys and digital collections with SuAVE

2017-02-02T07:24:15Z (GMT) by Ilya Zaslavsky
Project poster for 2017 SI2 PI workshop, project NSF ACI-1443082  “EAGER: Deve-lopment of a Novel Online Visual Survey Data Analysis Tool and Assessment of its Capabilities to Enhance Learning of Quantitative Research Methods”

SuAVE (Survey Analysis via Visual Exploration) is a component of an emerging infrastructure enabling users to publish, share and collaboratively analyze survey data in the natural and social sciences. SuAVE enables visual, statistical and cartographic analysis of diverse datasets, and presents tools for publishing surveys, annotating them, and sharing annotations with partners. The software has been used in multiple disciplines including sociology, political science, biology and ecology, geosciences, archaeology, visual arts, humanities, urban planning, and health informatics.