Online Supplementary Material: Pediatric Cataract

2017-09-05T07:00:35Z (GMT) by Paolo Nucci
Practical and evidence-based guidance on the management of pediatric cataract
This volume presents the latest trends in the management of pediatric cataract. It covers everything from the role of genetic and systemic work-up to the state of the art in surgery. Discussions include ocular modifications after surgery, the incidence and risk factors of post-surgery complications, and the management of complex cases. There is a chapter dedicated to post-aphakic glaucoma, a new insight to visual rehabilitation, and a summary of a recently published Delphi project.
Pediatric ophthalmologists looking for the latest research in the management of cataract will find this publication to be invaluable reading. It will also be useful to general ophthalmologists, residents, and fellows, as well as to medical students and pediatricians who seek an update for daily clinical practice.



CC BY 4.0