Occurrence of aflatoxin M1 in milk samples from Italy analysed by online-SPE UHPLC-MS/MS

<p>The occurrence of aflatoxin M1 in 69 milk samples collected in a south region of Italy in 2016 was evaluated. The samples were analysed using an automated method based on online SPE coupled with UHPLC tandem mass spectrometry. After a salt induced liquid–liquid extraction with acetonitrile to remove protein from milk, the extract was diluted with water and analysed using an automated online SPE MS/MS method. Among the analysed samples no one had AFM1 higher than the legally allowable limits whereas 71.4% of the other analysed samples were above the LOD of the method. The highest contamination level of AFM1 was found in pasteurised milk (44.39 ng kg<sup>−1</sup>). The results show the worrying and widespread of AFM1 contamination, highlighting the necessity of monitoring studies in order to evaluate the reduction of the maximum legal limit.</p>