OPC and modified GGBFS concretes cured in hot climates

2017-11-01T16:54:43Z (GMT) by Ahmed Issaad
Problems are frequently encountered in producing good quality concrete in hot climates. Inadequate curing results in early cracking or porous/permeable concrete or both which leads to deterioration (including reinforcement corrosion) of structures. This research investigated the effect of curing on the performance of OPC and GGBFS concretes in a hot climate. Five curing methods were selected and applied to each concrete mix. The methods used representing the range of practical methods available on site. Moreover. the effect of cement replacement materials on concrete durability was studied. Ground granulated blast-furnace—similar to that produced in Algeria—was used in three different percentages, namely 30%, 50% and 70%. Finally the performance of specimen sizes was also investigated. Cubes and beams specimens have been compared to walls specimens of reasonable size to represent full size structural members. [Continues.]