OpenCitations Corpus provenance data of all the agent roles, archived on 2017-05-25

2017-09-04T13:55:44Z (GMT) by OpenCitations ​
This archive contains the dump of the OpenCitation Corpus (OCC, provenance data about author roles, created regularly every month.

After unzipping the archive, Disk ARchive (DAR,, a multi-platform archive tool for managing huge amount of data) is needed for recreating the whole structure. For extracting the DAR archive, please run the command

dar -x [archive-name]

Where "[archive-name"] is the name of the DAR file without final package number and extension. E.g.:

dar -x 2016-09-23-corpus_re

For further questions, comments, and suggestions please don't hesitate to contact Silvio Peroni at