Nutritional balance of cheese (inferential statistics)

2013-07-05T02:11:41Z (GMT) by J Perezgonzalez
<p>Perezgonzalez assessed the nutritional balance of cheese in 2012, as part of a research on the nutritional composition of food in New Zealand. The population of cheeses appears unbalanced and it can be inferred, with a 95% degree of confidence, that the median nutritional balance is located somewhere between BNI 123 and BNI 132, and the mean between BNI 126 and BNI 134, thus indicative of a tendency (skewness) towards higher unbalance. Similar nutritional profiles appear when using other international recommended dietary intakes (RDIs), although correlations between indexes are moderate to high. (Also available on WikiofScience.)</p>