Nutritional balance of cheese

2013-07-05T01:40:59Z (GMT) by J Perezgonzalez
<p>Perezgonzalez assessed the nutritional balance of cheese in 2012, as part of a research on the nutritional composition of food in New Zealand. Cheese had, on average, a nutritional unbalance of <a href="" target="_blank">BNI 125.09-c</a>, being particularly biased towards deficiency in carbohydrate. It was also adequate in sugar, high in protein, fat, saturated fat and sodium, and low in fiber. Cheese appeared more unbalanced according to the World Health Organization's <a href="">Recommended Dietary Intakes (RDIs)</a>, but less unbalanced according to those of Australia, the UK and the US. (Also available on WikiofScience.)</p>




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