Nutrient-dependent / pheromone-controlled adaptive evolution

2013-08-09T00:11:58Z (GMT) by James V Kohl
<p>(a mammalian model of thermodynamics and organism-level thermoregulation)</p> <p>This model refutes a book-length revision of a theory: ‘Mutation-driven evolution’</p> <p><strong>CHEMICAL ECOLOGY</strong>; <strong>SYSTEMS BIOLOGY</strong>; <strong>ACROSS SPECIES COMPARISONS</strong></p> <p><strong>Examples</strong> of nutrient-dependent amino acid substitutions clarify the involvement of<br>seemingly futile thermodynamic control of intracellular and intermolecular<br>interactions, which result in de novo creation of olfactory receptor genes.<br>Thermodynamically controlled cycles of RNA transcription and protein degradation<br>are responsible for organism-level changes in pheromone production, which enable<br>accelerated changes in the miRNA/mRNA balance and thermoregulation of controlled<br>nutrient-dependent adaptive evolution.</p>