North Kelvin Meadow

2016-12-14T03:30:41Z (GMT) by Miller, John
<strong>Abstract: </strong>In North-West Glasgow, between economically depressed Maryhill and upmarket Kelvinside, a 1.4 hectare plot of land has become the site of a local controversy. Depending on your point of view, this is either the Clouston Street Pitches or the North Kelvin Meadow: a space which served as playing fields from the 1940s until the 1990s when, falling into decay, it was earmarked for development by the council. Since then the rhythms of global capital have seen schemes for building on the land emerge and fade away. The red blaes pitches changed character. Mature trees grew up on the tennis court; the clay playing surface was seeded with grass by local residents; flower bulbs were planted. Changing rooms that had reportedly been taken over by drug users were renovated into a community shed. An orchard is showing its first blossom.