Nonverbal Communication in Virtual Worlds: Understanding and Designing Expressive Characters

2014-11-08T00:00:00Z (GMT) by Joshua Tanenbaum

1.Introduction to this Collection
By Joshua Tanenbaum
2. Author and Editor Bios

Section I – Introduction to the History and Theory of NVC for VWs
3.Basics of Nonverbal Communication in the Physical World
By Joshua Tanenbaum, Michael Nixon, and Magy Seif El-Nasr
4.Basics of Nonverbal Communication in Virtual Worlds
By Joshua Tanenbaum, Michael Nixon, and Magy Seif El-Nasr

Section II – Identity and Communication in Virtual Worlds
5. Our Empathic Experience of Believable Characters
By Leslie Bishko
6.Virtual Gaze: The Communicative Energy Between Avatar Faces
By Jeffrey Ventrella
7.Avatar Appearance as Prima Facie Non-Verbal Communication
By Jacquelyn Ford Mori
8.TimeTraveller™: First Nations Nonverbal Communication in Second Life
By Elizabeth LaPensée and Jason Edward Lewis

Section III – Virtual Performance and Theater
9. Lessons from the Arts: What the Performing Arts Literature Can TeachUs About Creating Expressive Character Movement
By Michael Neff
10. Theater as Virtual Reality
By Jim R. Parker
11. Animation Principles and Laban Movement Analysis: Movement Frameworks for Creating Empathic Character Performances
By Leslie Bishko
12. Loss of Agency as Expression in Avatar Performance
By Ben Unterman and Jeremy Owen Turner

Section IV – Animating and Puppeteering
13. Empathy in virtual worlds: Making characters believablewith Laban Movement Analysis
By Leslie Bishko
14. Avatar Puppeteering: Direct Manipulation of Avatar Jointsfor Spontaneous Body Language
By Jeffrey Ventrella
15. Automation of Avatar Behavior
By Hannes Högni Vilhjálmsson
16.Synthesizing Virtual Character Behaviors fromInteractive Digital Puppetry
By Elena Erbiceanu, Daniel Mapes, and Charles E. Hughes

Section V –Studying Nonverbal Communication in Virtual Worlds
17. A Few Choice Animations: Nonverbal Communication Through Production and Consumption in Second Life
By Jennifer Martin
18.A Microsociological Perspective on Non-Verbal Communicative Strategies in MMORPGs
By David Kirschner and J. Patrick Williams
19.The Uncanny Valley and Nonverbal Communication in Virtual Characters
By Angela Tinwell, Mark Grimshaw, and Debbie Abdel-Nabi

Section VI – New Directions for NVC in VWs
20.The Future of Avatar Expression: Body Language Evolves on the Internet
By Jeffrey Ventrella
21.Challenges and Opportunities for the Ongoing Study of Nonverbal Communication in Virtual Worlds
By Joshua Tanenbaum, Magy Seif El-Nasr, and Michael Nixon

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