Nonverbal Communication in Virtual Worlds: Understanding and Designing Expressive Characters

2018-06-30T17:04:36Z (GMT) by Joshua Tanenbaum
<p>1.Introduction to this Collection<br>By Joshua Tanenbaum<br>2. Author and Editor Bios<br><br><strong>Section I – Introduction to the History and Theory of NVC for VWs</strong><br>3.Basics of Nonverbal Communication in the Physical World<br>By Joshua Tanenbaum, Michael Nixon, and Magy Seif El-Nasr<br>4.Basics of Nonverbal Communication in Virtual Worlds<br>By Joshua Tanenbaum, Michael Nixon, and Magy Seif El-Nasr<br><br><strong>Section II – Identity and Communication in Virtual Worlds</strong><br>5. Our Empathic Experience of Believable Characters<br>By Leslie Bishko<br>6.Virtual Gaze: The Communicative Energy Between Avatar Faces<br>By Jeffrey Ventrella<br>7.Avatar Appearance as Prima Facie Non-Verbal Communication<br>By Jacquelyn Ford Mori<br>8.TimeTraveller™: First Nations Nonverbal Communication in Second Life<br>By Elizabeth LaPensée and Jason Edward Lewis<br><br><strong>Section III – Virtual Performance and Theate</strong>r<br>9. Lessons from the Arts: What the Performing Arts Literature Can TeachUs About Creating Expressive Character Movement<br>By Michael Neff<br>10. Theater as Virtual Reality<br>By Jim R. Parker<br>11. Animation Principles and Laban Movement Analysis: Movement Frameworks for Creating Empathic Character Performances<br>By Leslie Bishko<br>12. Loss of Agency as Expression in Avatar Performance<br>By Ben Unterman and Jeremy Owen Turner<br><br><strong>Section IV – Animating and Puppeteering</strong><br>13. Empathy in virtual worlds: Making characters believablewith Laban Movement Analysis<br>By Leslie Bishko<br>14. Avatar Puppeteering: Direct Manipulation of Avatar Jointsfor Spontaneous Body Language<br>By Jeffrey Ventrella<br>15. Automation of Avatar Behavior<br>By Hannes Högni Vilhjálmsson<br>16.Synthesizing Virtual Character Behaviors fromInteractive Digital Puppetry<br>By Elena Erbiceanu, Daniel Mapes, and Charles E. Hughes<br><br><strong>Section V –Studying Nonverbal Communication in Virtual Worlds</strong><br>17. A Few Choice Animations: Nonverbal Communication Through Production and Consumption in Second Life<br>By Jennifer Martin<br>18.A Microsociological Perspective on Non-Verbal Communicative Strategies in MMORPGs<br>By David Kirschner and J. Patrick Williams<br>19.The Uncanny Valley and Nonverbal Communication in Virtual Characters<br>By Angela Tinwell, Mark Grimshaw, and Debbie Abdel-Nabi<br><br><strong>Section VI – New Directions for NVC in VWs</strong><br>20.The Future of Avatar Expression: Body Language Evolves on the Internet<br>By Jeffrey Ventrella<br>21.Challenges and Opportunities for the Ongoing Study of Nonverbal Communication in Virtual Worlds<br>By Joshua Tanenbaum, Magy Seif El-Nasr, and Michael Nixon</p><p>View <strong><a href="">Video FIgures</a></strong>, referenced in the text.</p>