Non-Close-Packed Particle Arrays Based on Anisotropic Red Blood Cell (RBC) like Particles via Stretching Deformation Method

Non-close-packed (NCP) particle arrays have potential applications in many fields such as photonics and sensors. However, due to thermodynamic stability, it is still a challenge to produce NCP arrays by the traditional approach. Here, we demonstrated a facile method to fabricate hexagonal close-packed (HCP) arrays with different orientations from that of the Janus particles. After that, the HCP arrays can be easily tuned by stretching deformation of polyethylene film. By tuning the stretching elongations, NCP arrays with five Bravais lattice structures were obtained. Besides, to fabricate the complex structure, these arrays were used as templates to assemble binary particle arrays. Such tunable crystal lattice and binary self-assembly crystal can be useful for fabricating more flexible structures and more open systems.