Nomogram to help explain probabilistic seismic hazard

2019-11-08T14:09:54Z (GMT) by John Douglas
Nomogram summarising the results of simple probabilistic seismic hazard assessments (PSHAs) for peak ground acceleration and elastic response spectral acceleration for a structural period of 1s and return periods from 100 to 2500 years, where the effects of the activity rate and the slope of the Gutenberg-Richter relation are captured.

To read the nomogram, connect two of the variables (e.g. N(M0 = 4.5) and return period) with a straight line and where it crosses the axis for the third variable that is its value (e.g. PGA). Example calculations are shown using red lines for a return period of 475 years and an activity rate of N(M0 = 4.5) = 0.1 (a moderate seismicity zone).

It is a Type 10 nomogram drawn using the pynomo program.

For details see the Open Access article: where this nomogram is presented.

An alternate to this nomogram in the form of an Excel spreadsheet is also available on figshare.