Nocturnal flowering and pollination of a rare Caribbean sage, <i>Salvia arborescens</i> (Lamiaceae)

2016-09-13T07:23:50Z (GMT) by Martin Reith Scott Zona
<p>The phenology, floral biology and pollination ecology of <i>Salvia arborescens</i> Urb. & Ekman (Lamiaceae) are reported, based on field and garden observations. The flowers of <i>S. arborescens</i> are white, fragrant and rich in nectar. Anthesis begins in the late afternoon, and flowers wilt by late morning of the following day. Floral features fit the moth pollination syndrome. <i>S. arborescens</i> flowers are visited by a variety of nocturnal moths in the wild, including <i>Celiptera levinum</i> (Lepidoptera: Noctuoidea: Erebidae), which was observed carrying pollen of this <i>Salvia</i>. This is the first report of a night-blooming, moth-pollinated <i>Salvia</i>. Hummingbirds, butterflies and beetles may play a role as secondary pollinators.</p>