New natural product -an efficient antimicrobial applications of new newly synthesized pyrimidine derivatives by the electrochemical oxidation of hydroxyl phenol in the presence of 2-mercapto-6-(trifluoromethyl) pyrimidine-4-ol as nucleophile

Some new pyrimidine derivatives have been synthesised by electrochemical oxidation of catechol (1a) in the existence of 2-mercapto-6-(trifluoromethyl) pyrimidine-4-ol (3) as a nucleophile in aqueous solution using Cyclic Voltammetric and Controlled Potential Coulometry. The catechol has been oxidised to o-quinone through electrochemical method and participative in Michael addition reaction, leading to the development of some new pyrimidine derivatives. The products were achieved in good yield with high pureness. The mechanism of the reaction has been conformed from the Cyclic Voltammetric data and Controlled Potential Coulometry. After purification, the compounds were characterised using modern techniques. The synthesised materials were screened for antimicrobial actions using Gram positive and Gram negative strain of bacteria. These new synthesised pyrimidine derivatives showed very good antimicrobial activity.