New Structures, 1890 Seattle

2015-09-29T06:22:55Z (GMT) by Rob Ketcherside
<p>This project is a tabular version of the list of new buildings listed in the January 1, 1891 <em>Seattle Post-Intelligencer</em> from the previous year. My friend Curt Fischer and I cleaned up the Library of Congress' OCR of three pages and restructured it in a table.</p> <p>The transcription proejct is done. However, <strong>a future iteration</strong> of this table will include the current street names as well as addresses for known structures and wikipedia links for the major buildings that still exist today.</p> <p>The 1890 date is significant because of the number of buildings replaced by the 1889 Great Fire in downtown, as well as Seattle's continued suburban expansion.</p> <p>The pages are available for free on the Library of Congress Chronicling America site, after the Washington State Library completed a project to scan, OCR and post them. The OCR struggles with blurry 19th century type at times, though. I have links to the original text on my site</p>



CC BY 4.0