Glass boxes : an investigation into the visible and invisible interstices

2017-08-25T03:54:35Z (GMT) by Elaine Miles
My research s an exploration of handblown glass boxes. This investigation begins with the word "box" and culminates with links between art and landguage. Artworks are made into visual puns, and the ambiguities of Semiotics are highlighted in the intersitices between object, image and text. Phenomenology is also investigated and becomes increasingly important to this research project. This centre of being is open to human exoperience, and sensory related interaction is explored.<br>Glass compared with other meduims, is and ideal means of exploring the boundaries of transparency, transulcency and opacity. Glass boxes become and ideal means of exploring the visible and invisible interstices of phenomenological reading. This investigation leads to a final art installation, that groups transparent glass box forms, that together create a container big enough to fill a room. This container is as empty and as open as possible, and is a container for space and for sounds, in which all human senses can operate. <br>