New Aryltellurenyl Iodides with Uncommon Valences: Synthetic and Structural Characteristics of [RTeTeI<sub>2</sub>R], [R<sub>2</sub>TeTeR<sub>2</sub>][Te<sub>4</sub>I<sub>14</sub>], and [RTe(I)I<sub>2</sub>] (R = 2,6-Dimethoxyphenyl)

(RTe)<sub>2</sub> (R = 2,6-dimethoxyphenyl) reacted with iodine to give [RTeTeI<sub>2</sub>R] (<b>1</b>), [R<sub>2</sub>TeTeR<sub>2</sub>][Te<sub>4</sub>I<sub>14</sub>] (<b>2</b>), and [RTe(I)I<sub>2</sub>] (<b>3</b>). The synthesis of the mixed-valent, neutral complex <b>1</b> occurred easily through the reaction of (RTe)<sub>2</sub> with mesTeI (mes = 2,4,6-trimethylphenyl), which proved the ability of mesTeI to act as a selective oxidation reagent. In the cationic species [R<sub>2</sub>TeTeR<sub>2</sub>]<sup>2+</sup> as well in the counterion [Te<sub>4</sub>I<sub>14</sub>]<sup>2−</sup> of compound <b>2</b>, tellurium occurs in the rare oxidation state 3+.