New 2-arylbenzofurans from the root bark of <i>Artocarpus gomezianus</i> and their α-glucosidase inhibitory activity

<p>Two new 2-arylbenzofurans, namely 13-<i>O</i>-methyllakoochin B (<b>1</b>) and artogomezianin (<b>2</b>), were isolated from the root bark of <i>Artocarpus gomezianus</i>, along with six known compounds (<b>3</b>–<b>8</b>). The structures of new compounds were determined by spectroscopic and chemical methods. All of the isolates were evaluated for their α-glucosidase inhibitory activity. Artogomezianin (<b>2</b>) and lakoochin A (<b>3</b>) exhibited strong α-glucosidase inhibitory activity with IC<sub>50</sub> values of 18.25 and 26.19 µM, respectively, as compared with the positive control acarbose.</p>