Neuroprotective effects of <i>Tilia americana</i> var. <i>mexicana</i> on damage induced by cerebral ischaemia in mice

<p><i>Tilia americana</i> var. <i>mexicana</i> (<i>T. americana</i>) is a plant widely used in Mexico for its medicinal properties on the central nervous system. In the present study, we designed a protocol to investigate the neuroprotective effects of non-polar and polar extracts of <i>T. americana</i> on damage induced by cerebral ischaemia in mice. Vehicle or extracts were administered immediately after ischaemia. Functional neurological deficit, survival percentage and infarct area were determined in each experimental group. Results showed that groups treated with non-polar or polar extracts of <i>T. americana</i> had increased survival rate, improved neurological deficits and diminished the infarct area in relation to the ischaemic group. In conclusion, this study confirms the neuroprotective activity of <i>T. americana,</i> suggests a possible synergism between non-polar and polar constituents and supports its potential as a useful aid in the clinical management of stroke.</p>