Neuroanatomical distribution of MFSD9.

<p>MFSD9 histology was displayed using colorimetric staining on 70μm coronal sections from adult mouse brains. Overview micrographs (A-D), with magnifications (E-L) are showed. MFSD9 staining in striatum (CPu) (E), cortex (F) with possible projections stained in layer 4 and 5 (G) and hypothalamic areas around third ventricle (3V) (H). In thalamus cell bodies were marked by MFSD9 (I). In hippocampus, both soma and projections were detected in CA2, while only soma was seen in CA3 (J). A close up of cells in brainstem (K) and the Purkinje cell layer (L) showed prominent staining. Bregma regions were according to [<a href="" target="_blank">51</a>], and scale bars represent 100μm.</p>