Neuro-Cloud sample textbook chapter

<p><strong>Nov. 2 2013   -  NOTE</strong>: This is the repository for the versions and drafts that will come to be the completed project. New format links will also be added as they are generated. Please continue to give feedback using the commenting section, and we will upload our changes as soon as posible. We really want this to be the best textbook availbile. The inital upload was to demonstrate the print layout.</p> <p> </p> <p> </p> <p><strong>Change Log</strong></p> <p><strong>Dec 25 2013 - </strong>Added several contributors to the co-author list and posted textbook model slide deck</p> <p><strong>Nov 23 2013 -</strong> sample chapter added for layout and design demonstration.</p> <p> </p> <p>Neuro-Cloud was started as a small service to publish neuroscience lab data to open-access servers. We hoped to be able to provide a unique data publishing platform that could be accessed by researchers around the world. We found that several open-access platforms already existed and after a year of publishing, we decided to partner with Next Generation Publishing to produce a brand new type of textbook made by researchers, students, and faculty together, before being peer-reviewed. All of the content in the textbook is open-access, and can be used however, as long as material is attributed where applicable. We want to integrate all of the learning resources available across the web, and provide an academic, narrative-based text to weave facts into the critical thinking applied at the time. We want to teach how scientists have thought about the concrete observations of their times.</p> <p>The first wave of support was inspiring. Would-be contributors were contacted through various social media platforms, and they began working on the text that would become a chapter. This document contains the first piece of the contributor, crowd-force generated chapter, edited and loaded with open content before being peer reviewed. We believe that we have created a sustainable crowd network for generating new learning content. In order to facilitate these services, we are creating open-source web-apps and toolkits that brings contributor’s resources together. We have dubbed these services as the ‘Next Generation Textbook Portal’ and the ‘Next Generation Textbook Platform.’ While these service are still in development, we have created an interactive iBook preview for iOS devices. Please note that the iBook preview is meant to serve as a display of the services included in the iOS, Google App Market, Chrome App, and Web App version. iBook, ePub, pdf and print versions will also be available for free(or at cost, in the case of the print copy.)</p> <p>The Next Generation Textbook Portal is unique because it is a first-of-it’s kind model for providing free learning content. We believe that the currant educational market is flooded with ‘Free*’ or ‘Freemium” content delivered through in-app purchases and pay-to-remove ad services. We do not believe in releasing a product that is not as complete as possible, without having to download more features. Essentially, we want to provide content that makes students think, “why hasn’t this always existed”. Further, we want to empower the student to learn in whichever setting they choose. Our material can be accessed as part of a traditional course, through a web course, or just by someone wanting to learn. The Next Generation Textbook Portal will provide the database hub that allows users to register with a class, battle other classes, or create their own learning tool.</p>