Network of differentially regulated mammalian proteins associated (annotated) with biological processes.

<p>In this network, the proteins and biological processes (referred by the Gene Ontology (GO) terms) are indicated by oval- and box-shaped nodes, respectively; human proteins (gray) and mouse (white) proteins detected as differentially regulated upon ELF (solid), UMTS (dashed) and WiFi (dot-dashed) exposures; protein-to-GO term associations are indicated by edges labeled with GO evidence codes: inferred from direct assay (IDA); inferred from mutant phenotype (IMP); inferred from genetic interaction (IGI); traceable author statement (TAS); non-traceable author statement (NAS); inferred from sequence orthology (ISO); inferred from electronic annotation (IEA). For additional details on the proteins refer to <a href="" target="_blank">S5 Table</a>.</p>