Need for Affect Questionnaire (NAQ-S): Construct Validity, Invariance and Reliability

<p></p><p>Abstract Two studies (N=457) examined the psychometric properties of the short version of the Need for Affect Questionnaire (NAQ-S) in the Brazilian context. In the first study, a principal components analysis indicated a two-factor structure, with five items each: approach (α= .70) and avoidance (α= .75). This structure was confirmed in the second study (GFI= .92; CFI= .90), and it was invariant across gender. To verify the correlates of NAQ-S, we used measures to evaluate the human values, loneliness and need to belong in both studies, besides the five personality factors in the second study. The results showed that higher need for affect was associated with higher extraversion, higher scores in excitement and interactive values, and with lower loneliness scores. The studies support the validity of the NAQ-S in Brazil, showing its usefulness for research purposes.</p><p></p>