Nautiloids from the Muschelkalk facies of the Southiberian Triassic (Betic Cordillera, southern Spain)

The study of Middle Triassic (Ladinian) nautiloids from three successive ammonoid zones, and two sub-zones, of the Southiberian Triassic Muschelkalk facies (Betic Cordillera, southern Spain) has allowed the identification of the following species: Mojsvaroceras haasi Parnes, 1986, M. kummeli Parnes, 1986, Germanonautilus bidorsatus (von Schlotheim, 1820), G. tridorsatus (Böttcher, 1938), Grypoceras? quadrangulum (Beyrich, 1866a), Indonautilus awadi Kummel, 1960, I. privatus (Mojsisovics, 1882) and Picardiceras picardi Parnes, 1986. The possibly endemic Indonautilus innocens sp. nov. is described herein. Although some of these species have already been reported from the Betic Cordillera, most are described in detail and illustrated for the first time and their stratigraphical distributions determined accurately for this region. Of the nine nautiloid species described herein, five are known from the Germanic and Tethyan provinces and four are restricted to the Sephardic Province. The genus Picardiceras is typical of the Sephardic Province. It appears that during the Ladinian the Betic Cordillera was a palaeogeographical region for faunal exchange between Central Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.