NSF PI Meeting Poster: Tapis: Next Generation Software for Distributed Research

2020-01-29T16:33:01Z (GMT) by Joe Stubbs

Tapis is a hosted, multi-tenant, RESTful API framework for distributed computational research, providing support for data management and code execution across institutional boundaries. Using Tapis APIs, a user can program portable, reproducible workflows that leverage sensors, instruments, experimental facilities and a network of national and regional cyberinfrastructure.

Tapis builds on NSF investments into the Abaco, Agave, and CHORDs projects to provide a production-grade framework for use across a wide range of domains of science and engineering. Including support for streaming/sensor data, portable, reproducible workflows leveraging containerized applications, and a novel, decentralized security kernel, Tapis will be the underlying cyberinfrastructure for modern research.