Nitric oxide release from a photoactive water-soluble ruthenium nitrosyl. Biological effects

<p>This research presents the synthesis and characterization of the photochemical nitric oxide (NO) precursor Ru(salenCO<sub>2</sub>H)(NO)Cl (<b>1</b>, salenCO<sub>2</sub>H = N,N’-ethylenebis(3,3’-bis-carboxylsalicylideneiminato). This water-soluble ruthenium nitrosyl releases NO upon photolysis with a quantum yield that is pH dependent owing to the nitrosyl to nitrite conversion of that axial ligand at higher pH. Also described are the water, oxygen, and thermal stability of <b>1</b> and the cytotoxicity and the vascular relaxivity properties of <b>1</b> in the dark and under photolysis.</p>