NATIONAL STATEMENT OF SCIENCE INVESTMENT DRAFT: Response from Rutherford Discovery Fellowship recipients (2010-2013)

This is a joint response written and co-signed by 97.5% of New Zealand’s Rutherford Discovery Fellows. We are a group of internationally recognised early- to mid-career researchers who have been selected for our innovative approaches to research across the sciences and the humanities. We work in diverse fields, spanning physical, engineering, information and communications technology, medical, molecular and environmental research through to social sciences, law and the humanities. We are based across a wide cross-section of New Zealand’s Universities and Crown Research Institutes (CRIs), and are engaged in basic, applied and near-to-market research. All of us have directly benefitted from the investments and changes that the Government has been making to the Science sector. As a result of the Rutherford Discovery Fellowship, we have chosen to return to, or to stay in, New Zealand.




CC BY 4.0