Multiple Myeloma in dog with atypical clinical presentation of bilateral facial paralysis: case report

<p></p><p>ABSTRACT This paper reports a case of multiple myeloma (MM) in a bitch with atypical clinical presentation of rigidity of the facial muscles. Hemogram, biochemical tests, urinalysis, serology for leishmaniasis, skull radiography, bone marrow cytology and serum protein electrophoresis were performed. The plasma cell infiltration in bone marrow was >20 %, the monoclonal gammopathy and lesions compatible with bone lysis observed in the myelogram, protein electrophoresis and radiographic examination respectively, were decisive for diagnostic conclusion of MM. The disease may have a variable clinical presentation in dogs and pose a challenge for diagnosis in the pet clinic, especially in endemic areas of infectious diseases that present with similar clinical and laboratory presentations.</p><p></p>