Multi-Profile Ultra High Definition (UHD) AVC and HEVC 4K DASH Datasets

2018-06-12T00:00:00Z (GMT) by Quinlan, Jason Sreenan, Cormac
<p>We present a Multi-Profile Ultra High Definition (¥emph{UHD}) DASH dataset composed of both AVC (H.264) and HEVC (H.265) video content, generated from three well known open-source 4K video clips.  The representation rates and resolutions of our dataset range from 40Mbps in 4K down to 235kbps in 320x240, and are comparable to rates utilised by on demand services such as Netflix, Youtube and Amazon Prime.  We provide our dataset for both real-time testbed evaluation and trace-based simulation. The real-time testbed content provides a means of evaluating DASH adaptation techniques on physical hardware, while our trace-based content offers simulation over frameworks such as ns-2 and ns-3.  We also provide the original pre-DASH MP4 files and our associated DASH generation scripts, so as to provide researchers with a mechanism to create their own DASH profile content locally.  Which improves the reproducibility of results and remove re-buffering issues caused by delay/jitter/losses in the Internet.<br>     <br>     The primary goal of our dataset is to provide the wide range of video content required for validating DASH Quality of Experience (QoE) delivery over networks, ranging from constrained cellular and satellite systems to future high speed architectures such as the proposed 5G mmwave technology.</p>