Mouse newborn cells allow highly productive mouse cytomegalovirus replication, constituting a novel convenient primary cell culture system - Fig 2

2017-03-24T17:33:10Z (GMT) by Vu Thuy Khanh Le-Trilling Mirko Trilling
<p>(A) MEF and MNC were infected with Δm157-MCMV:dsRedMito (MOI 0.01). Supernatant spread to neighboring cells was limited by methylcellulose overlay. At 3 days post infection, reporter gene expression was monitored by fluorescence microscopy. (B) Relative plaque size of Δm157-MCMV:dsRedMito-infected MEF and MNC. Plaque diameters were determined at 3 days post infection (methylcellulose overlay). Dots depict values of individual plaques. Bars depict the mean with range.</p>