Morphology of the wound skin on eighth day post-wounding in non-irradiated control, 810 nm LLLT irradiated and silver sulfadiazine (SSD) ointment (reference care) treated wounds in immunosuppressed rats.

<p>Lower (10X) and higher (40X) magnification showing widespread regeneration of epidermal cells with mature differentiation, greater amount of fibroblast cells, compact collagen deposition, less infiltration of inflammatory cells, new blood vessel formation (angiogenesis) and complete re-epithelialization in 810 nm LLLT irradiated groups, among LLLT irradiated groups these finding was more prominent in PW 10 Hz frequency treated wound. However, non-irradiated control and SSD treatment showed very less epithelial cell regeneration, reduced level of collagen and infiltration of inflammatory cells with less fibroblast. Arrow marked the epithelial migration towards the wound tissue, (E) denotes the skin epithelium and the dotted line illustrate the epithelial margin among groups. Scale bar, 10 μm.</p>