Molecular Biology Information Service survey on services, Health Sciences Library System, University of Pittsburgh

2019-01-09T20:23:03Z (GMT) by Carrie Iwema Ansuman Chattopadhyay
The Molecular Biology Information Service (MBIS) of the Health Sciences Library System (HSLS) at the University of Pittsburgh conducted a 33-question online survey to evaluate the effectiveness of services provided by the MBIS.

The survey was administered via Qualtrics. Questions were organized into 6 categories: Demographics, Software, Instruction, Website, Service, and Outreach. Questions were a mix of multiple choice, ranking, and free text.

Participants were recruited during a six-week period in early 2018. The survey was advertised via numerous methods: MBIS blog post, HSLS website post, MBIS listserv notifications, direct email invitations, and during MBIS workshops.

The survey did not require oversight by the University of Pittsburgh IRB.

The CSV file contains de-identifed survey responses--identifying information for Q6.7 was redacted. Also included is a PDF of the survey questions and a PDF of the Qualtrics survey response report.