Modeling of BOD progression obtained in sewage incubated under different temperatures

<p></p><p>ABSTRACT Reliable quantification of biochemical oxygen demand exerted (exerted BOD) can be obtained by incubating samples at different temperatures, since the amount of ultimate biochemical oxygen demand (UBOD) does not change in these conditions. Some authors have found increased UBOD values with rise in temperature of incubating samples, which could be due to the occurrence of nitrification, the acclimatization or the inadequacy of modeling of carbonaceous oxygen demand (exerted BOD) progression. This study aimed to evaluate the effect of temperature on the progression of exerted BOD and UBOD values in samples of raw domestic sewage, checking which model best fits the data. The results indicated low influence of incubating sewage samples temperature on UBOD values, being that both models, first and second order, described properly the exerted BOD progression.</p><p></p>