Model atmospheres for accreting systems.

2015-11-19T09:18:23Z (GMT) by J. R. E. Brooker
This thesis presents the results of calculating model atmospheres for the accretion column of a magnetic white dwarf. A basic stellar atmosphere calculation is refined to model the specific conditions at the base of an accretion column. Calculated spectra for a variety of different input conditions are shown. The calculated spectra are fitted with black body spectra in order to ascertain the errors associated with black body fitting of observed spectra. Simulated lightcurves are calculated using these model atmosphere spectra. The resultant lightcurves are folded through the EXOSAT (European X-ray Observatory Satellite) detectors and used to fit lightcurves from the magnetic polar system AM Herculis. Following the assumption that a thin accretion disc around a supermassive black hole is the central power source for active galactic nuclei (AGN's) a large grid of model atmospheres is calculated. This grid is then used to calculate the spectrum from such a disc.




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