Model Onychomycosis; Caffe Model files and Python Examples

2017-09-12T23:31:44Z (GMT) by Seung Seog Han
<div><b>Requirements</b></div>- Python<br> - BVLC PyCaffe<br><br><div><b>How to use<br></b></div><br> 1. Download the zip file. It contains, <br><br> 1) Model Onychomycosis; Models trained with A1, A2, and E dataset + the feedforward neural networks model<br> 2) Python example and batch files that generate ROC curves<br> 3) Prebuilt 64bit windows pycaffe - "caffe" folder<br><br> 2. Install BVLC PyCaffe<br><a href="" target="_blank">Tutorial : Install PyCaffe</a> <div><br><br> 3. Run examples<br><br> Fig3C-A1-ensemble.bat<br> Fig3C-A1-ResNet.bat<br> ...<br> ...<br> ...<br> Fig4C-A2-ResNet.bat<br> Fig4C-E-ResNet.bat</div>